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HY-01 Vertical Cable Sheath Cutter




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Update: 2015-09-22 04:24:05

Product Introduction

Product Description

Technical Parameters

Product Model: HY-01

Specification: 208 *88 *36 mm

Application: 36 cores - 96 cores armored cable



1, On-line stripping aluminum - Polyethylene bonded sheath, steel armor outer sheath and a metal reinforcing member sheathed cable

2, Cutter head selection of high quality materials makes it more labor-saving for cutting optical cable sheath

3, Adjustable cutting depth can deal with different thicknesses of the optical cable sheath layer

4, More simple, quick and convenient operation.


Adjust the cutting depth according to the sheath thickness, to make the circular aperture of cable opening knife sheathed into cable sheath. Grip the cable opening knife handles on both sides in the cutting mark of optical cable sheath, make the cutter head embedded into the cable sheath, then pull cutter head along the sheath to realize the on-line stripping cable sheath

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