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HY-60 Multi function fiber optic polishing machine




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Product Introduction

Product Description

Technical Parameters

Product NameFiber Optic Polishing Machine

Application FieldsApplied to FTTH FC/SC fiber connector terminal production

Product Features:

1.Industry Initiative

This product is research and development results by our company for many years, conquering the high cost of the hot melt and quality varies for cold joint in FTTH project. This technology is the first at home and abroad, with a number of technology patents, is the better solution for optical fiber end site operation and maintenance.

2.Simple & Convenient

The product can make fiber connector on the end of cable within two minutes,can achieve rough

grinding,accurate grinding and polishing in one time. In case of optical attenuation increases, signaling instability etc, it just simply needs to deal with re-grinding and re-polishing,easy to carry, site operation & easy to learn.

3.Quality Guarantee

It is designed strictly in accordance with production standard of patch cords, fully in line with production process of fiber connector,with stable performance and reliable quality. The fiber connector which made on spot can achieve average value of insert loss≤0.3dB for single-mode,maximum value≤0.5dB,return loss≥42dB,well meet needs of communication.

4.Composite Function

This Technology is not only perfect for making FTTH optical fiber terminal, but also can be applied to repair patch cords. As the fiber connectors plug and pull time by time, End face susceptible to wear and tear, thus affecting the signal transmission. This technology can make patch cords re-grind and re-polish,Restoring communication and transport function and saving considerable maintenance costs for operator.Besides,it can cut out length of patch cords per your needs, making communication room more safe and beautiful.

Programme schematic diagram:

Operation Instructions:

1.Put pedestal of connector on the cable;

2.Using the cable strippers HY-18(with scale) to peel the skin of the cable(about 4.5cm),then peel the coating to make it be bare fiber;

3.Using curing agent to smear evenly on the bare fiber,and smear a small drop on the top of ceramic core of the connector;

4.Put the bare fiber into the ceramic cor, then push up the yellow clip on the connector and jammed. At last, please tighten pedestal with connector and fixed;

5.use the curing light to irradiate about 20s;

6.Using pen fiber cleaver blades to cut the spare fiber;

7.The outer set on the connector,then use the abrasive paper to wipe slightly, removing the  curing agent at top of the ceramic core;

8.Drip a drop of grinding fluid on every speed mill of fiber optic polishing machine;

9.Place the fiber connector in the right connection hole, then press the start key for speed grinding;

10.Use the visual fault locator to check the fault

11.Use the fiber microscope to check if fiber connector endface is smooth.

Technical Parameters:

Instrument Model


Grinding Time

About 2 minutes

Insert Loss


Return Loss


Standby Time




Standard Packaging:




Fiber Optic Polishing Machine


1 pc

Dual-port Cable Stripper


1 pc

Pen Style fiber cleaver blade



Curing Light



Curing Agent



Grinding Fluid



Abrasive Paper






Ftth Tool Case/Bag


1 pc

Optcal Fiber Connector



Guide Manual


1 pc

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