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Product Introduction

Product Description

Technical Parameters

Product Description:
650nm laser diode module series can achieve coupling output of single-mode fiber and multi-mode fiber. Product is applied to thermal printing, space communications, medical and other fields.

Key Features:
Spectral width, High reliability, High efficiency

Application Fields:
Laser pump source, Medicine, Printing

1,The laser is harmful, especially, you need to pay more attention to your eyes. When semiconductor lasers work, please avoid directing your eyes;
2,In general, the higher the temperature is, the shorter the life of semiconductor laser will be. We suggest TEC refrigeration or you use in a room with air-condition when air is cooling;

3,Operating sequence of semiconductor laser is as follows:
1) Turn on the power supply first, then get through the semiconductor lasers, slowly increase the current to the rated value;
2)When the semiconductor laser stop working, please slow down the current to 0 before turning off the power;
4,You should wear an anti-static bracelet while operating;
5,Please use correctly according to the labeled pins;
6,Working current of the semiconductor lasers do not exceed the rated current, it will damage the semiconductor laser when higher than the rated current;
7,The optic fiber should be cleaned when the semiconductor laser started to work;
8,You should use the constant voltage and current power supply to avoid surging;
9,Semiconductor laser should be short circuit When not in use;

Warm Tips:
We could produce the laser diode per your needs or your design, we promise good quality & excellent design.

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